v2.0.9.3 Admin 2020 Free Download

WP Admin 2020 – Modern WordPress Dashboard v. Download – 12/05/2021

Fix Fixed a very large conflict with plugins like ultimo, fluent forms, fluent CRM – Basically any other plugin using vue.js
Change Tidied up menu colours in light and dark mode
Fix Fixed issue where top level menu item links were wrong leading to failed page loads

Say hello to a new way to manage your digital assets in WordPress

Admin 2020 Downloads comes with a brand new content library that is up to 50% quicker than the Classic WordPress Library. Bring together all your posts, pages and custom post types onto one screen with advanced filters, folders, quick previews and edits.

Fully Modular

Admin 2020 v2 was designed in a fully modular way. Meaning any of it’s features sets can be turned or disabled for certain users and each module was built to work independently from each other.

Content Folders

With Admin 2020 Nulled you get a powerful folder system so you can organise your media, posts, pages or cpts.

Notification Centre

Plugin notices are necessary in some cases, in others they are down right irritating. So, instead of blindly hiding them all, we moved them all.

Plugin notices, updates, nags and other things now all live in an off canvas area which is easily accessible from the top bell icon in the admin bar. 

More than an admin theme

Admin 2020 GPL not only looks great it also adds some powerful features. A clean and modern WordPress dashboard theme that comes with all the below features.

Your admin Your way

Deep levels of customisation options allow you to create a truly unique admin interface for yourself or your clients.

Powerful Menu Editor

Our powerful menu editor allows you to create truly unique menus for your backend. 

You can rename items, rearrange, hide and restrict access and you can set custom icons.

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WP Admin 2020 – Modern WordPress Dashboard v. Download