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3.1.6 (10-05-2021)
FIX: Fixed nested conditional rules not working issue in Safari browser on iOS/ Macintosh devices.
FIX: Fixed display of field price in order review panel upon removal of the uploaded file.
FIX: Fixed display of the file name more than once in order review panel for the file upload field with Price.
FIX: Fixed fatal error occurring upon activating Multiple Addresses for the WooCommerce Pro plugin.
IMPROVEMENT: Enhanced select support added to my account pages.
IMPROVEMENT: Added field display to the subscription order details page.
IMPROVEMENT: Improved repeat rule functionality of default checkout fields.
IMPROVEMENT: Blocked overriding of default sections.
IMPROVEMENT: Field price to be considered as a recurring fee for subscription orders.
IMPROVEMENT: Use 'Week Starts On' value from the WordPress general setting instead of hardcoded values for the date picker field.
NEW FEATURE: Added option to reset sections individually.
NEW FEATURE: Added filter 'thwcfe_wc_subscriptions_recurring_fee' to manage recurring checkout fees for subscription orders.
NEW FEATURE: Added export functionality for Fields & Sections.
Custom Checkout Sections

The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor lets you add custom sections to the WooCommerce Checkout Form. These sections can be displayed in 14 different positions in the checkout form. Moreover, the additional sections created using the Checkout Field Editor can be displayed in the Account Details tab in My Account. Following are the positions where these checkout sections can be displayed:

Custom Checkout Fields

With WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor, add new fields into the Billing, Shipping and Additional sections on your checkout Page. The custom field types include fields for inputting single entries like text and number, and fields that allow choosing from a set of options, like the select, checkbox, and radio fields. The date and time picker fields include the display of a calendar and a pull-down with a time range.


Make easy customisations to your checkout form with Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin. Add, edit, modify, delete, or change the display order of checkout fields with this easy WooCommerce checkout manager. Besides adding custom fields, create and include custom sections to your WooCommerce checkout form. Functioning hand-in-hand with the WooCommerce Multistep Checkout plugin from ThemeHigh, create custom checkout steps and include custom fields and sections to these steps using the Checkout Field Editor.

Key Features of WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

  • 17 Custom Checkout Field Types
  • Custom section which can be placed at 15 different positions on the checkout page
  • Display fields conditionally
  • Display sections conditionally
  • Price fields with a set of price types
  • Custom validations
  • Change address display format
  • Display fields based on Shipping option or Payment method
  • Compatibility with other plugins
  • Zapier support
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Reset all settings on a single click
  • Manage field display in emails and order details pages
  • Display custom fields optionally at My Account page
  • Customise, Disable or delete default WooCommerce fields
  • Developer friendly with custom hooks
  • Rearrange all fields and sections as per convenience
  • Create your own custom classes for styling the field

Display Sections Conditionally

Like the checkout fields, the sections in the checkout form can also be displayed conditionally using this WooCommerce checkout manager plugin. The sections are conditionally displayed based on the same conditions as in displaying the checkout fields, ie, based cart contents, subtotal and total prices, user roles, product, variation, category, etc. Besides, the sections can also be displayed based on field values.

Compatibility With WooCommerce Plugins

The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin is tested to be compatible with most plugins in the WooCommerce and WordPress repositories. Moreover, this WooCommerce checkout manager goes hand-in hand with the following plugins:

  • WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout: With the Multistep Checkout plugin, you can create new checkout steps and add the custom fields/sections into these steps.
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips: The PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin includes the custom fields created by the Checkout Field Editor, in PDF invoices and packing slips.
  • WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export: With this WooCommerce plugin, you can include the custom created checkout fields in the CSV export files.

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Checkout Field Editor v3.1.6 – Woo ThemeHigh GPL