What’s App Chat Clone – An Ionic Framework ,Socket.io and Nodejs Full Hybrid App Nulled Free Download

What’s App Chat Clone – An Ionic Framework ,Socket.io and Nodejs Full Hybrid App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Please find document with detail installation instruction’s https://docs.google.com/document/d/183nsE1QiDO78PNVBpFUX42LsXSJjeH6fo-7JZ1jx3hs/edit?usp=sharing Below are some of the pointers on why to buy this app . 1. It consist of 100% source code for IONIC , Node.js for server side scripting , Mongodb & CouchDb for storing contacts and user profile’s . 2. This uses sql-lite plugins to store chat messages. 3. Support Offline chat also this messages are stored in Mongodb. 4. Native Facebook Integration code is written for registration. 5. Phone number validation against country is been implemented in the code ( ex: if you select Australia then your mobile number is in 9 digit , where as if you select India then your mobile number should be 10 digit ). 6. Contact syncing with server is been implemented using CouchDB & PouchDB and is been tested with about 16,000 contact’s ( which got synched in 8~10 sec. ) 7. Local push message integration. 8. Web-services are written with Node.js & also Socket.io is implemented for sending one –to one message. 9. UI/UX are SAAS based and coded with IONIC Framework. 10. HTTP Calls are implemented using Native Plugin’s . The app uses SASS, which is CSS with super powers. Each component has its own sass files and partials well structured with independent variables to get maximum modularity, flexibility and customisability. Features: 1. Whats app clone with PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App using AngularJS + Ionic framework which is open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. 2. Login with Facebook using Facebook plugin. 3. Support all countries and phone number validation’s implemented for every country (Example US based phone number are 10 digit where as Australia’s phone number are 9 digit etc.) 4. Contact syncing same as What’s App where we validate all phone book contacts with the one who has installed whats app and option to chat with them. 5. Direct socket chat with private messaging feature similar to whats app . 6. Added “Typing…” Features where a user get notified when other user is typing a message to them. 7. Shipped with entire Socket.io backend layers with required connection handling and handshaking mechanism. 8. Integrated with Node.JS JSON Api coded using sailjs.org framework and robust Mongo database integrated hence easy to scale if app goes to millions of users. 9. Customized Material Design based Edit Profile screen and option to change avatars and status message’s. Tutorials on Ionic Framework. You can install ionic by just running few command as specified at below link www.ionicframework.com/getting-started/ https://ionicthemes.com/learn Using these great resources you can get the most out of Ionic. What will you get ? 1. A 100% white labeled clone code of What’s App with Ionic Framework based Front end and server side Socket.io component + Node.JS API Layer along with Mongo Database. 2. Layered PSD’s . 3. Documentation on how to set up and reskin.

V1.0 ( 25- April-2016 )  —Thank you people’s for your great response , i am overwhelmed to see this , I am trying my best to reply you as fast as i can (max of 3 hours ) also i promice to continue the same , how ever as a gesture of long term relationship I am offering below item as freebies. 1) Bug relate to UI/UX and loading . 2) Addition of Freebies CRM Template. #############FREEBIES #############

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